How does removable pool fencing work?

Let’s face it, most parents don’t want a fence. They see it as a barrier to their view and a disruption to the flow of the back yard. However, there is no doubt that they need to protect their child. Pool Guard Removable pool fencing systems provide the safety and looks great.

Did I mention Mesh pool Fencing is as temporary as you want it to be? 

Mesh pool fence

American made mesh pool fence in San Diego

You can have it up once a week or all week long and take it down for the weekend Pool party. Or because Pool Guard backs up the quality of the fence and installation, with a life time warranty, you can leave it up for years to come. This is all due to how removable fences work.  Let’s get deeper into the details.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – It creates a safe, protective barrier between your home and your swimming pool yet the mesh is transparent allowing a clear view of your pool area
  • Choose from a Variety of Colors – Your protective mesh pool-fencing can be color-coordinated with your swimming pool and backyard desert oasis
  • Easy to set-up, or take-down to store
  • Fits any pool, or can be customized to fit your pool area

The first step in Removable pool fencing is that you need a good installation. Drilling into you concrete or pavers is necessary for mesh-fences to work. San Diego Pool Guard

Mesh pool fence

Beige mesh pool fence in Oceanside

understands that you don’t have to have the nicest deck in Rancho Santa Fe to not be that excited about having holes drilled into your deck. So we want to assure you that we use the best diamond bit core drills, and have a massive amount of experience. Over a thousand installs under our belt throughout the years.

  • Courteous and reliable customer service from start-to-finish
  • San Diego Pool Guard is the best “Pool Fence install” around

Holes are drilled at one of two spacing 30 inches or the more common 36 inches. I don’t need to tell you that having a hole drilled in the wrong place is a terrible mistake and a problem that new and inexperienced installers can make. Not to worry with our installers. They have worked in every situation from Chula Vista in the south to Fall brook in north county.  Each hole is then filled with a polythathan sleeve. We have sleeves that stand up to the elements, water, sun, salt, and chlorine. Be aware that sleeves are in your deck all the time, even when the poles of the fence are removed. Because of that two things are important. Durability and lookingGrey Pool Fence sleeve

pool fence - temecula

Beige mesh pool fence in Temecula

good. Pool Guards pole sleeves are available in three colors, grey, beige and white. Deck caps of matching color are also available.

  • Standard Removable pool fencing- Should always be erected by using a diamond core bit drill on a adjustable drill platform. The hole size comes in two different sizes, either 1 1/8 or 1 ¼. Major benefit of a core drill is a perfect no-chip hole and a fast installation.Grey Pool Fence sleeve

Next step is to place the fence sections in the pre-drilled holes. Now the best removable fence comes in multiple section sizes, three feet, six feet, nine feet, twelve feet or fifteen feet long.

The poles come in two spacing 30 inches and 36 inches. The reason for that the fence comes in many section sizes, is so that you have a child barrier that is easily taken down by an adult in a matter of minutes. The experienced installer will custom make section for steps hills and slopes as well as smaller sections.

  • Child-proof patented self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable gate as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Quality and durable Removable Mesh Pool-Safety Fencing Systems, and Swimming Pool Safety Nets and Covers (ASTM F1346-91 Certified) all designed with UV inhibitors to protect against fading, shrinkage and deterioration
  • Made with Quad Core, Marine Grade, Powder Coated Aluminum Poles
  • Extruded Aluminum for Strength – The same or less pricing than Peg Post Mesh Fences
  • Backed by a Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects
Brown pool Removable pool fencing

Sand and Brown Removable pool fencing

You see removable mesh fencing gives you flexibility.

Once the fence is placed in the holes all that is left is to hook the sections together. The Pool Guard hook and latch system is designed to be convenient and safe. All latches have a safe guard that can be equipped with a small pad lock to guarantee older children as well as adults can not have access to the swimming area without the key to the lock. After locking the sections together tension is pulled tight and the fence gains a tremendous amount of strength. Tension of the fabric, inter-lock, or textoline makes the Removable pool fencing practically unclimbable and strong. Although fence poles are reinforced aluminum they can break if enough force is placed on them. This amount of force is too great for a kid to generate but even so, once the fence is hooked together the force needs to be even greater because of the tension created by the hook and latch system in a pool guard removable system. When one pole is pushed it forces stress to the next pole and so on down the line, making the barrier a system that is stronger than it parts. The key to Pool Guards removable safety fences is that they are, easy to use, low cost and look great, while keeping you pool safe.

  • Removable pool fencing Adheres to the guidelines published by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • Sturdy removable pool-fence that is at least 4-5ft. tall
  • Climb-resistant pool-fence that has no handholds for footholds that allow a child to climb under or over
  • Less than 4” clearance on bottom of pool fence and lockable-gate

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