Removable Mesh Safety Pool Gates


“The Best Install in California”


With  Removable Mesh Safety Pool Gates from SD Pool Guard, you can come out of your  pool, exit through the gate and it will close and lock automatically behind you, giving you peace of mind!

Brown pool fence

Sand and Brown fence

The most important part of a pool fence is the pool gate because it’s the access to the swimming pool and spa area. Although the removable mesh pool fencing comes with the option of a manual gate, it is much safer to install a self-closing/self-latching gate. A manual gate can be accidentally left open, or not closed properly, presenting a danger for small children or pets. That’s why the pool-safety-experts at SD Pool Guard want to inform you about the importance of installing a child-proof, self-closing removable mesh pool gate with the Key-Lockable Magna Latch to protect your little children and pets from a tragedy. Remove the worry about your Del Mar pool gate being left open by installing a self-closing, self-latching, and key-lockable removable mesh pool gate from SD Pool Guard.

pool fence - temecula

Beige mesh pool fence in Temecula

SD Pool Guard meets California State Laws for pool-fencing required for child adoption, foster parent care, kinship care, and day care providers. Little children will be protected with our child-proof patented self-closing, self-latching and key-lockable gates as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  A Removable mesh pool-safety-gate is the most important feature when it comes to preventing children or pets from accidentally gaining access into your  Rancho Santa Fe swimming pool and spa area, and here’s why:

Key-Lockable Magna Latch Product Features

  • The only stand-alone (monolithic) pool gate in the industry that doesn’t rely on the tension of the fence to stand up straight
  • Designed to close and lock automatically behind you when you exit your swimming pool and spa area
  • Key-Lockable Magna Latch installed on the inside of the pool gate well out of a child’s reach
  • Heavy duty thick aluminum square tubing to ensure that the gate is durable and safe
  • A strong design that holds up to the wear and tear of frequent use
  • Fabrication and welding of our pool gates are performed by Certified Welders in our factory
  • Lifetime warranty with the high-quality Magna Latch and Tru-Close Hinges
  • The pool gate opens away from the swimming pool, so if a should a child somehow stand on something to get to the Magna Latch, they couldn’t open the gate anyway because they are actually blocking it
  • A bottom bar is incorporated to add great support to the pool gate frame, yet there is no foot-hold for a child to climb on
  • Removable Mesh Safety Pool Gates are easy to pullout.
  • Rust proof aluminum frames available in multiple colors
  • Comes in 4-foot or 5-foot heights, or custom heights for pets
  • Amazingly affordable and quick installation
  • Quality and durable Removable Mesh Pool-Safety Fencing Systems, and Swimming Pool Safety Gates (ASTM Certified) are all designed with UV inhibitors to protect against fading, shrinkage and deterioration
  • Two types of self-closing, self-latching, and key-lockable pool gates to choose from
  • It allows you to let the older kids access your swimming pool, while keeping the younger kids safely outside the fence and away from the danger of accidentally drowning
  • Should you just need a mesh removable pool gate, it can be retrofitted to any type of fencing, or installed into grass and dirt areas
  • The best “install” in California
  • Free one time Replacement Keys from your MagnaLatch

We give you the option of a manual pool opening; however,  a more reliable pool-safety-barrier to install is a Self-closing, Self-latching, Key-lockable, Removable Mesh Safety Pool Gate from SD Pool Guard. With over 20-years experience, SD Pool Guard is the only company in the Removable Mesh Pool Fencing industry to offer two types of self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable pool gates to protect your small children from accessing your swimming pool and spa area:



  1. SD Pool Guard Standard One-Piece Gate Design:

    Black mesh pool gate installed in Chula Vista has a latch hidden on the back

  • Strong and durable one-piece gate that has successfully secured access to thousands of swimming pools for over 20-years.
  • Most reliable removable pool fence gate that needs the least amount of maintenance
  • Gates are in a one-piece framing system allowing the gate to stand alone, and doesn’t require the pool fence to work
  • It’s not tension-reliant, so adjustments aren’t required as frequently

Standard Pool Guard Gate lock in San Diego








Sand and brown 4 foot mesh self closing gate in Chula Vista




  1. SD Pool Guard Two-Piece Gate Design:
  •  Removable Mesh Safety Pool Gates that looks great and it’s easy to use
  • Based on a gate system that is widely used in the Pool Safety industry
  • Tension-based system that relies on the strength and tension of the rest of the mesh removable pool fence
  • The two gate pieces work in harmony to close in a flushed manner
  • Adjustments on the lock keep the gate aligned as the tension changes throughout the year





SD Pool Guard can install a Key-Lockable Magna Latch on the inside or on the outside of the pool gate. Our installers can also install the lock at fence height or higher, well out of a child’s reach. This is something other companies just don’t offer.  The pool safety gate opens away from the swimming pool. This prevents kids from pushing their way to the pool and, should a child somehow stand on something to get to the Magna Latch, they couldn’t open the gate anyway because they are actually blocking it. This is a major safety feature, and another layer of protection that SD Pool Guard offers you. Our removable mesh safety-pool-fence-gates are safe, convenient, and are “stand alone” or monolithic meaning that gates don’t rely on the tension of the fence to stand up straight. The disadvantage of a non-standalone gate is that if the gate gets closed too hard it won’t lock, of if a child pulls or pushes on the fence the gate may not close properly because its not aligned.

MagnaLatch Series-3 Child-Proof, Self-Closing, Key-Lockable Safety Pool Gate

SD Pool Guard offers the best and strongest removable mesh safety pool gates available in the San Diego, so there is no doubt that your San Marcos swimming pool is secure wit ha Removable Mesh Safety Pool Gates. The most important safety benefit is the automatic close and lock feature when you exit the swimming pool and spa area. You no longer have to wonder if you closed the pool gate, or if someone else didn’t close it. Installing a self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable removable mesh safety-pool-gate is the best pool gate option when it comes to protecting children or pets from accidentally getting into your San Diego swimming pool and spa area.

A recent study conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated that 85% of accidental drownings of children in America under 14 years old happen in a residential swimming pool. These are disturbing facts for Californians with a swimming pool, spa, pond, or water feature on their property. The need for swimming pool safety awareness has reached new heights because child-drowning deaths have increased, and what is heartbreaking is that it is preventable. Your best solution to safeguarding your crawling baby, toddler, small child, or pet from getting into your swimming pool and spa area is San Diego Pool Guard’s Removable Mesh Pool Fencing and Child-Proof, Self-Closing, Self-Latching, and Key-Lockable Gates for the utmost protection.

Although the removable mesh pool fencing comes with the option of a manual gate, it is much safer to go with the Removable Mesh Safety Pool Gates. So, if you are considering a manual gate versus a self-closing gate, the answer is simple – Call San Diego Pool Guard today! 951 387 6010

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