Pet-Owners with a  Swimming Pool: Protect Your Pets from Potential Pet-Drownings

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If you are a San Diego pet-owner and you have a swimming pool, you need to know about vital information that could prevent your beloved animals from accidentally drowning in your pool! It’s the California lifestyle to have a swimming pool for year-round enjoyment in your backyard splashing in the pool with family and friends. However, along with the terrific benefits of having your own swimming pool and spa comes the ever present dangers of pets accidentally drowning. Sadly, many California pool owners are not even aware of the risk that a swimming pool can pose to their dogs, cats, or to neighbor pets that might wander into their pool area and drown. Although dogs do have a natural ability to swim, that doesn’t mean they have a natural ability to get out of a swimming pool.

That’s why you need reliable  Pool Guard Removable Mesh Pool Fencing and Pool-Safety Nets to help prevent your loving pets from accidentally falling or jumping into your swimming pool and drowning. Our dealers have installed pool fences all over Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinita, La Jolla, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Oceanside, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, Poway, Santee, San Marcos and the greater San Diego. Our durable removable mesh pool fences are convenient, cost-effective, and most importantly, they are an additional layer of protection to help prevent your pets from gaining access to your swimming pool. According to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, measures should be taken to protect your pets from drowning as you would for any member of your family. Although your dog does know how to swim, it can only swim for so long before it becomes exhausted and drowns, especially in winter months when the pool water is too cold to endure, and Hypothermia can set in. Pet advocacy organizations believe up to 5,000 family pets drown in swimming pools each year. The reason that some pets become victims of accidental drowning is that many pets don’t know how to exit a swimming pool.

Keeps kids and Dogs safe from the pool in your Rancho Santa Fe Home with a Dog pool Fence

  • The unfortunate phenomenon known as the “pet swimming pool death grip” is when a dog accidentally falls or jumps into a pool then panics to get out but can’t
  • A dog will grip its paws into the ledge of the pool and attempt to pull itself out of the water, however since dogs are not built to move their bodies this way, it is almost impossible for them to get themselves out of the pool safely
  • A dog will continue trying to pull itself up on the ledge of the swimming pool until it is too exhausted to save itself
  • When a dog is panicking in the water, or is beginning to drown, barking is too difficult for them to alert you, and the poor dog will sink into the water and drown
  • Be aware that small dogs, old dogs, and dogs with physical disabilities are at the greatest risk of drowning because they just don’t have the strength to survive the ordeal
  • Breeds like Bull Dogs, which are mostly muscle and have short legs, tire easily and will quickly sink to the bottom of the pool. Get them a Dog pool Fence.

Pet-owners can trust SD Pool Guard’s removable-mesh-pet-safety-swimming-pool-fence to protect their precious animals from a heartbreaking drowning! According to the pet-pool-safety experts at  Pool Guard, customers in the San Diego area even use the fence to keep their dogs off of the golf course.  That’s why you need our Durable-Removable-Mesh-Pool-Fencing and Pool-Safety-Nets that provide that extra protective pool security for your pets. Our pool-fencing fits any size swimming pool, or you can install a customizable removable-mesh-pool-fence to fit the unique design of your swimming pool and spa area.

You Can Trust San diego Pool Guard To Protect Your Pets From The Heartbreaking Tragedy Of Drowning In Your Pool….Here’s Why!

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  • Our removable-mesh-pool-fencing can be customized for your pets and can be used to enclose your swimming pool and spa area, close off a garage, or to create a special play yard so that your pet can have their own protective space
  • The sturdy design protects against pets repeated jumping, pushing, chewing, clawing, digging, or climbing on the pool-fencing
  • The Humane Society highly recommends a swimming pool-fence as a simple precaution that can dramatically lower the dangers of animals drowning
  • Made with Quad Core, Marine Grade, Powder-Coated-Aluminum-Poles
  • Our trained experts are experienced in swimming pool safety for children and pets
  • Meets California State Laws for pool fencing required for child adoption, foster parent care, and child-care providers
  • Quality and durable Removable Mesh Pool-Safety Fencing Systems, and Swimming Pool Safety Nets and Covers (ASTM Certified) all designed with UV inhibitors to protect against fading, shrinkage and deterioration
  • Child-proof patented self-closing, self-latching and key-lockable gate as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Amazingly affordable and quick installation
  • Conveniently easy to set-up, or take-down to store
  • Transparent pool fence mesh in a variety of colors to match your decor
  • Fits any pool, or can be customized to fit your uniquely designed pool and spa area
  • Backed by a Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Courteous and reliable customer service from start-to-finish
  • The best “install” in California

Great looking Pool net that is good from some types of pets

California homeowners, or families who lease housing with swimming pools, are being smart and responsible and taking proactive steps to assure that their swimming pool is safe for pets with secure pool-fencing. California Pool Guard Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fencing and Pool-Safety Nets around pools and spas are preferred by homeowners throughout Orange County and San Diego. They want the safety benefits without the permanence of a typical fence like a Rod Iron fence which can stain and ruin your deck area. Removable mesh pool fences have proven to be pet-safe, durable, strong, and gives you confidence knowing your pets are pool-safe.

The professional pool-fence-safety-experts at Sacramento Pool Guard are committed to safe-guarding your beloved pets from the heartbreaking tragedy of death by drowning in your swimming pool. The Humane Society highly recommends that a swimming pool fence must enclose your pool and spa area as a precaution that can help dramatically lower the danger of animals drowning. Dogs and cats can swim short distances, but escaping from a swimming pool may be a life and death struggle. California Pool Guard knows your dog instinctively heads for the nearest edge of the pool and tries to claw its way out. Panic quickly leads to exhaustion. Remember, older dogs, or dogs with any type of physical disability are more likely to slip and fall into a swimming pool. Large dogs, tiny dogs, expensive specialty breeds, and dogs like Bull Dogs are at an extra risk, too. Just like small children, dogs can easily and quietly slip outside unnoticed and jump or fall into your swimming pool. If your pet does find itself near your pool unsupervised, the only thing that will significantly prevent him from accidentally entering your pool is a pet-safe-pool-fence from California Pool Guard! Customers in Riverside and Rancho Cucamonga have used our removable-mesh-pool-fence to surround their swimming pool, close off a garage or create a special play yard so that your pet can have its own protective space. With a removable-mesh-pet-safety-fence installed by California Pool Guard, you will get peace of mind!

From San Diego & Los Angeles in Southern California to the communities of northern California, California Pool Guard is the most trusted name in Removable Mesh Safety Pool Fencing for Children and Pets. They have the perfect solution to pool-safety; a secure removable-mesh-pool-fencing to keep your pets pool-safe from accessing your pool. Plus, you’ll love that the swimming-pool-pet-safety-barrier doesn’t block the view of your beautifully landscaped California landscaping. As a California swimming pool owner, you know you have the responsibility of safeguarding your pool and spa area from children or pets accidentally falling in the water and drowning. Your pet, or a neighbor’s pet drowning in your pool would be a heartbreaking tragedy. It can happen in just seconds, but can be prevented by just having California-Pool-Guard-Removable-Mesh-Pool-Fencing and Pool-Safety-Nets installed by our professional swimming pool-safety experts with over 30-years of experience.

Pools are a danger for both young kids and puppies

California Pool Guard Removable Mesh Pool Fencing meets stringent safety standards including quality materials, sturdy construction and professional installation. It’s a convenient, cost-effective additional layer of protection to help prevent your pets, neighbor pets, or stray animals from gaining access to your swimming pool. The pool-safety experts at California Pool Guard know how easily an animal can drown, unnoticed. Without a scream, or even a sound your pet can silently slip into your swimming pool or spa and drown. Having a pool-safety-barrier installed around your swimming pool and spa helps keep your precious pets from falling in and accidentally drowning.

Many California homeowners want to have a way to protect their pets from drowning. The concern is that dogs, especially, have strong claws and lots of determination and energy. You will find that California-Pool-Guard-Removable-Mesh-Pool-Pet-Fencing-System is a very tough and durable way to help prevent your dogs from entering your swimming pool or spa area. The pool fence and child-proof-lockable-gates are made of a very fine mesh of extra strong and durable material so dogs can’t find a place to hook their claws or teeth into it. They can’t do damage to the pool-fencing and eventually they will just wear themselves out and give up. A big feature of mesh swimming pool-fencing is that it can be customized and installed around virtually any size pool, spa, water or rock fountains, and backyard landscaping. Keeping the beauty and aesthetics of your California Swimming Pool Oasis are important to you, and you don’t want an unsightly permanent fence blocking your view.

California Pool Guard realizes how important it is to protect animals from the potential danger of swimming pool drowning. The answer is so simple, just have installed our durable Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Safety Fences and Safety Pool Mesh Nets! They help protect and securely guard access to your swimming pool, spa, water features, slides, diving boards and rock fountains. Removable mesh pool fences from California Pool Guard provides added security to prevent pet-drownings if a neighbor pet wanders into your yard. Our pool-fencing systems fit any size swimming pool. Or, you can also install a customizable-removable-mesh-pool-fence or pool-safety-net to fit any shape or size of your pool/spa design. Pool-owners in California can easily protect their beloved pets from drowning by installing a pet-safety fencing system. With removable mesh pool fencing, you have the option to leave it up all year long, or set it up for special occasions. California Pool Guard’s Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fences and Safety Swimming Pool Nets give you the flexibility for quick and easy set-up or take-down, unlike permanent Rod Iron pool fences that can ruin your decks and landscaping.

California Pool Guard knows that when it comes to owning a pool, spa, or water feature nothing is more important than pool safety. Accidental drowning is a leading cause of residential deaths both for children and pets. Now you can keep your pet safe and contained by fencing the pool, closing off the patio, isolating them in the garage, or creating a special safe play yard just for them to enjoy. You can count on California Pool Guard’s expertise in swimming-pool-safety-for-pets. Just like with children, you can never assume that you can watch your cats and dogs all the time. It only takes a few minutes of distraction for your pet to jump into your swimming pool unnoticed. Accidental drowning of family pets in residential swimming pools is common. California Pool Guard understands that your pets are beloved members of your family and it’s our commitment to help protect them. California Pool Guard is the most trusted name in the Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fencing Industry serving all of the communities of the entire state of California.

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